My April Favourites

Yep, it’s that time of month again where my monthly favourites have been rounded up for you lovely lot.

This month I’ve tried a few new products and fallen in love which also means I’ve fallen out of love with some past favourites of mine. There’s only so much space in my heart for beauty products after all.

This month however, I’ve added a few miscellaneous things in to mix it up because it’s been a busy, busy month for me.

As you can see, there’s a few more skincare products in this post compared to usual and there is a good reason for this so I’ll talk about those products first…

The first thing I have been using a lot this month is the Simple Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash.

I really like this wash because it has a gel consistency and it actually makes my face feel refreshed and clean after using it which I find isn’t the case with a lot of washes.

I find this to be very calming and not harsh on my skin at all which I think was a huge problem with the washes I was using. I used to use the St Ives scrub and exfoliating face washes a lot and they really made my skin sore and blotchy so this is such a breath of fresh air.

I’ve now cut down to exfoliating only once or twice a week which leads me onto skin care product numero dos.

I won this The Estee Edit White Mud Exfoliating Scrub & Mask not long ago in a Twitter giveaway (yay go me) and I’ve used it a good few times over the past weeks.

First, let me just say that it smells very fresh and not at all like mud. The first time I used this was as a mask and it made my face feel super smooth and energised for the first time in a while.

I’ve since then used it as a scrub and I’ve noticed a difference in the number of little lumps and bumps on my face.

However, after googling this product and seeing how much it costs, I’m going to need to try and make this tube as it’s nearly 30 smackeroonies for a new one.

The last skin care product on my list is the Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Toner for normal to combination skin.

I’ve noticed recently that my skin has become less oily and greasy since I’ve introduced a proper routine for my skin.

I know, I’m a bad blogger for not looking after my skin properly but I have learned the error of my ways and it’s looking a lot brighter and healthier!

This toner is great for my typical skin care routine; it’s very refreshing, picks up any last bit of cleanser residue and leaves a clean base to pop my moisturiser onto.

If you follow me on any of my Social media accounts, you may have noticed that I managed to bag some last minute Ed Sheeran tickets – I’m talking the day before the concert.

The second I saw they were on sale, I knew I needed to try and grab some as I couldn’t get any earlier in the year and I got some AMAZING seats.

This was our view – awesome right?!

I was so lucky to get my hands on some tickets and Ed really didn’t disappoint, he even said that we were the liveliest crowd yet.

My favourites of the night were Nancy Mulligan and the Don’t/New Man mix which was just incredible. How can one man be so talented yet humble?

OK I’ll stop fangirling now and move onto my favourite candle of the month. It’s a £1 one from Primark in the Raspberry and Vanilla scent.

I find this scent reminding me a little of some shampoo I used to use as a kid but it’s super sweet and perfect to lift up any room.

I like to light it early afternoon when I’m cleaning on a Sunday and make the house smell yummy!

These prints were sent to me to review by the lovely brand Printiki* earlier in the month and I have been loving using them to decorate my room and add a personal touch around our house.

They’re such good quality and turn up within a few days of ordering so no sitting by the doorstep pining for your delivery.

This is how I’ve used them in our bedroom to add a pop of colour to the blank white walls.

I got this string and peg set from Wilko at Christmas for only £1 which we used to hang cards up but has come in very handy for these pretty prints.

I chose all sorts of photos to print off including some of my favourite blog photos, some of me and Kane, friends and some of my favourite memories.

I think they also would make a great present for someone special in your life – why check out their website right here?

The last thing in this random category is tickets to the new Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 film which we saw last night.

I’m a big Marvel geek and this film was beyond brilliant! It was so funny and the storyline was unexpected yet perfect, as always for a Marvel flick.

I had been waiting for this film to come out since I left the cinema after the first film. I find the characters hilarious and their chemistry reminds me of a cheesy American sitcom.

Now onto hair care and my ONE beauty favourite. I’ve been trying to tone down on the heavy make up recently and I’ve introduced a few neutrals into my make up bag for the Spring season.

This hairspray is a bit of a weird one really… I was in Superdrug having a gander and spotted this on the clearance shelf for only £1.25 so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’ve heard good things about the Fudge brand and the scent really intrigued me to be honest; what would it smell like?

If you’re wondering, it still has that hairspray-ey smell but a bit sweeter and kind of like ice cream, yeah it’s a bit odd but it works pretty well!

It’s not sticky or leaves your hair crispy, it’s just normal hairspray with a bit of a funky smell.

As I mentioned previously, I’m swapping darker reds for more neutrals this season and this lipstick is the perfect thing for adding a pop of colour yet still muted.

It’s the Rimmel Only One Matte Lipstick in the shade: High Flyer. It has a pinky nude tone to it and it looks great with more or less anything!

The formula has a matte finish yet very creamy and not drying at all. It’s been lasting pretty much all day when I wear it to work with a teeny top up after lunch.

You don’t need to use much to get a good colour build up and it even smells like butterscotch – to me anyway.

The last thing in my April favourites is the Andrew Barton SOS Hair Repair Leave In Conditioning Spray.

I’ve been spritzing this on the ends of my hair before a quick blow dry and french plaiting before bed.

I’ve been noticing the split ends more and more on my hair and this almost milk-like spray has been locking in the moisture and keeping it silky smooth right to the tips of my hair.

I got this bottle in a set at Christmas but I’m pretty sure it’s only around three pounds in the shops so I’ll have to pop in and grab some more once I’ve used it all.

So there we have it, everything I have been all heart eyes over this month. Is there anything you like? What have you been loving this month?

 *Printiki kindly sent me some prints in exchange for a review but the views and opinions are my own!

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