Paradise Island Adventure Golf At Intu Derby | Review

If you live in Derby, like me, you’ve probably always been stuck for something to do on a Friday night aside from drinking, eating or the cinema.

Well Intu Derby has recently opened it’s doors to an all new state of the art entertainment sector including Hollywood Bowl and a Paradise Island Adventure Golf. HURRAH!

I recently got the chance to go and check out Paradise Island and see what the fuss was all about.

I took along Kane and two of our friends on Bank Holiday Monday to have a catch up and try the new courses out.

As I expected, the amusement was super busy so we had to queue up for about 15 minutes just to get to the desk!

Once we got there, the lady sorted out our reservation, explained how the circuit worked, gave us our clubs and balls (hehe), our scorecard and off we went.

The first course was named ‘Mermaid Rock’ which was themed like a Pirate ship with cargo loads and lots of leaves and trees.

Both courses consisted of a 18 hole round trip which followed round in number order. The first few holes were quite fun and helped up get to grips of how hard to swing and who was actually any good (I was not by the way).

The one thing I found with the first course was that the holes became rather repetitive and as it was busy, we found ourselves waiting quite a while before we could move onto the next hole.

It took us around an hour to complete the first course which would take around 30-40 minutes when it’s not as busy and depending on the size of your party.

I think this place would be a great place to take children and parents as they seemed to be enjoying it a heck of a lot.

Once we finished the first course, we moved onto the second which was called ‘Shark Bay’ which I enjoyed a lot more than the first course.

I found the holes to be a lot more varied and a challenge compared to the first course. I also found this to have more space and ease to move around between each hole.

They also had a few cool things to look at along the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This course lasted us about 45 minutes as it was a lot less busy than the first which was good! Our scores were becoming quite close towards the end but Kane managed to win and I lost – how typical.

After both courses, there is a 19th hole where if you score a hole in one, you can win a free game for your next trip. Kane also managed to pot this so we’ve got a voucher for next time we pop along.

To sum up, we had a fun day trying out something new and I’ll be back maybe with my sister and mum some time soon.

However, I found it can feel a bit repetitive and you’re waiting around a lot so maybe the odd bench here and there would make a fab addition to the courses!

Thanks to Paradise Island for giving us the chance to try out one of the newest attractions and for the fab service!

I’d definitely recommend this for a rainy day and if you’re up for a bit of a laugh – especially if you bring along the kids!

Prices range from £6.50 for an adult to £24 for a family ticket.

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