Trying Out Yo Sushi’s New Menu* | Review

A short while ago I was invited over to Yo Sushi, which is part of the large food sector in Intu Derby, to sample some of their new menu additions.

After trying out YO a few months back, I was excited to go and try out some of the new dishes along with some of my favourites from my previous trip.

If you’re not the biggest sushi fan (like me) then don’t worry, they have a whole heap of other Japanese dishes on offer including both meat and veggie options.

After having a good long look at the menu and talking to the lovely Alex Trott (General Manager) asking what he recommended, we knew it was time to order.

The thing about Yo Sushi is, no matter what you order, whether it be a quick cold dish or a SUMO size Katsu Curry, it won’t come out on time. They bring over what’s ready, when it’s ready, regardless of what else you ordered.

This suits some people but not others; I kind of like the idea of all these little courses to try one after another.

There’s also the option of picking the odd dish up from the ongoing conveyor belt looping around the eatery – all of these are cold dishes like sushi and desserts.

We (my bestie Jess and I) opted for a selection of dishes to share; the first of which was the Cucumber Nori Sushi which was Jess’s choice.

I’m really not a fan of Cucumber so I chose to let her have a go at this dish alone – although I do like the sticky rice in the roll itself.

These came out within a few minutes along with our drinks of choice, a simple Sprite.

The other dishes we chose were all served warm so we had to wait 10-15 minutes or so for them to be brought over to our booth.

For saying the restaurant was moderately busy, the service was great and the staff were very attentive which is always a good thing in the service industry.

Our next dishes were then brought over and my, there were a few.

From left to right: SUMO size Chicken Katsu Curry, Plain Yakisoba (noodles), Furikake Fries, Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Karaage and Teriyaki Pork.

It was like a Japanese tapas selection for us to feast on and I was very excited to get stuck in! I had tried the Katsu Curry before and it’s my favourite Japanese dish by far so, of course, I had to bag a good portion.

The Yakisoba noodles and a great plain dish and who doesn’t like noodles?!

The Chicken Teriyaki was Jess’s pick which is chicken cooked in soy sauce, ginger and honey topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

The next dish, which I had never even heard of, were the fries which were inspired by a street food specialty of fries topped with Sriracha Mayo and Chilli Flakes – spicy!

The Karaage was a new dish which is almost like strips of popcorn chicken but they were a lot juicer and very cripsy on the outside.

Last up were the Teriyaki Pork strips which were smothered pork belly pieces topped with spring onion with a side of boiled egg (weird choice). But these were one of my favourites of the lot; they were soft and sweet and everything you want in Teriyaki Pork.

Once we had consumed as much as we could, we of course had to try some of the new desserts.

This was the Malted Chocolate Pot which is a shot glass full of heaven. It was smooth and silky and had a thick caramel like consistency but still very light and melt in the mouth.

I also tried some of the lovely Mochi but this time I had a lovely Raspberry flavour.

I love these little things because you don’t expect such a deep, rich flavour from such a small ball (stop laughing, there was no other word for it).

The ice cream encased in a rice coating was packed full of the raspberry zing but still keeping the smooth creaminess.

After we’d finished desserts, we were ready to head off home.

I have to say a big thank you to YO for inviting us over to try out some of the spectacular food – you never seem to go wrong.

What are your favourite dishes at Yo Sushi?

*The dishes were provided in exchange for a review but the views, opinions and pictures are all my own. Who could not like Teriyaki Pork and a Chocolate Pot?!




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