Lush Nottingham’s Blogger Event

A few short weeks ago, I was luck enough to be invited to Lush Nottingham‘s Blogger Event! When the invitation appeared in my inbox, I was so so excited as so many of my blogger friends get to go to Lush events pretty often; so this was the chance to see what the fuss was all about!

The Nottingham store is based on Clumber Street, just off Market Square and across the road from the Victoria Centre which is so handy to geography novices like me! I’m still getting to know Nottingham’s layout so this was pretty easy to find and not too far from the bus stop PHEW.

The store itself if quite narrow but it goes waaay further back than I thought it did and some steps leading down to a lower level.

Once we were allowed to swarm inside, we were given a quick rundown on how the night was going to go and offered some DELICIOUS donuts and fruity water.

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Let me just add that these huuuuuge donuts were from the local eatery, Doughnotts (great pun) which you should totally check out if you’re in the area, they have some insane flavours.

The evening was set out on a consultation basis, there were allocated staff in all sections of the shop and you choose which sections you wanted to have a browse of.

First of all, I went straight over to the perfume section to hear all about their varied selection of scents.

The lovely lady, who’s name has escaped me, spritzed all sorts of different perfumes to see what we liked best. Personally I lurve the Vanillary scent because it’s subtle and sweet just like me (totally kidding).

She also mentioned that all the scents are unisex meaning no judgement for whatever one you fancy, which is what I love about Lush!

I then gravitated towards the skincare section and had a browse at their face masks, treatments and cleansers.

I’ve previously tried their Ultrabland cleanser which made me break out horrendously so I wanted to see what others they had on offer.

I ended up grabbing a sample of the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment as I’ve always wanted to give it a go.

I also fell in love with the Cup Of Coffee mask – the scent is to die for!

Finally I popped over to the Bath Bomb section because who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? The bombs are like the main event for me.

We were shown the new reformulated Think Pink Bath Bomb that everyone was going crazy for and we were also shown how to make a bath cocktail! I know, how cool does that sound?

It’s combining a few different things like a bubble bar and a bomb or adding some shower gel or whatever. But you can make your bath look gorgeous! The lady demonstrating showed us how to create a glittery greeny, blue bath that looked like a mermaid had just got out of it – it was incredible.

Although these looked fab, I find using more than one product per bath can get a little bit pricey so I tend just to stick to The Comforter Bubble Bar for plenty of bubbles and a lovely scent.

At this point, the night was nearly over but not before they gave us our goodie bags!

We had the choice to pick between a bath bomb and a shower gel, a self-preserving product and a Father’s Day bath bomb or bubble bar.

As you can see, I chose the Plum Rain Shower Gel (which I have been loving), the Mask of Magnaminty and the Modfather Bubble Bar along with my to free samples.

Thank you so much to Lush Nottingham for the invite and spoiling us bloggers all evening and especially for the generous goodie bag. I had such a blast and I can’t wait to buy a few more bits on payday!

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