My Monthly May Favourites

So here we are again, another month has past and another load of favourites to chatter about.

May was a pretty busy month for me with events, working and spending time with friends and family but I managed to get in some chill time too which was definitely well deserved.

This month I’ve been using a whole load of different new products after going on a spend splurge at the beginning of the month (oops).

I’ll talk about all the goodies I’ve been putting on my face first off.

MUA Pixel Perfect Multi-Bronze – I’ve been after a bronzer for quite a while and they all seemed to dark for my pale skin when I swatched them so this is perfect for me! It’s quite fair and adds that little bit of depth to my cheekbones which I’ve been loving this month. I’m horrendous at contouring so this is a perfect alternative and I’ve been leaning towards using this over my favourite blusher.

PS Holographic Nail Polish – Yes this polish is part of the Primark beauty range and I spotted on the mini holo shelf (loving btw) for only £2. I’ve been using to add a multi-dimensional shimmer to my nails both layering with colours underneath and on bare nails. I love it because it looks silver sparkly in one light then shimmery pink in another making it interesting.

Collection Prime & Ready Witch Mattifying Pore Minimiser – After seeing this crop up on Twitter a lot, I bit the bullet and gave it a try – I was not disappointed. This has been great the past few weeks as it’s keeping my face oil free when it’s hot AF. My skin is seriously oily anyway so this has been great on no make up days too to get rid of any shiny patches.

Wilko’s Allergy Relief Tablets – So summer is officially here but also is Hay Fever season which puts the biggest downer on hot weather for me. I have super serious allergies when it comes to pollen, animal hair and dust so these have been lifesavers for me. I still get sneezy and sniffly now and again but these have stopped the itchy eyes and throat. They are quite literally saving my life.

Passionfruit Mojito Lip Balm Cocktail – I got this in a set for Christmas and I’ve been using this flavour non stop recently. It has a great summery taste and great for popping under mattifying lipsticks for a bit of moisture. My lips get seriously dry and sore in warmer weather so this has been fab for keeping them hydrated, plus it’s like a mini cocktail every morning and night.

The next lot of bits are stuff I keep in the bathroom.

Garnier Skin Active Purifying Botanical Gel Wash – As you can see, this stuff is designed for combination to oily skin which is exactly what I have, it’s such a pain! I’m always looking for things to draw out the oil and banish it for good and while this doesn’t permanently do the job, it works for a time. I’ve been using this in the mornings before work and doing my skincare routine because it’s fresh and wakes me up a bit. It has a very clean smell and leaves my skin energised and like a blank canvas.

Lush Plum Rain Shower Gel – If you read my previous post on the Lush Nottingham Blogger Eventyou’ll see that I got this little beauty in the goodie bag and I’ve been using it loads. I just can’t get enough of the unusual smell! When I usually sniff plum body washes, they are usually fused with other scents so you never really get that hit of plum smell so this is really refreshing to see. I’ve been using a lot of sweet washes recently so this is a nice change, it’s subtly sweet but has a very unique scent and leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling lovely for hours!

Garnier Ultimate Blends the Blonde Illuminator – Having naturally blonde hair is fab, but over winter, it tends to lose it’s bright golden touch and gets a bit duller. So summer is the perfect time to add some life back into my lengths and I thought this would help edge it along. After only one use, I can already tell the difference – my waves are catching the light that little bit more and are losing their brassy undertones (thank goodness).

So there you are, everything I have been using in May and loving throughout the month. I can’t wait to make some more summery purchases this month so show you in my June favourites!

What have you been loving these past few weeks?

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