What’s In My Hand Luggage?

I’m off on holiday in a few a days time so I thought It’d be a good time to write little post about what I’m chucking in my hand luggage.

I’m off to Majorca with my mum and sister for 7 blissful nights in the most gorgeous resort ever – I can’t bloody wait!

I’ve not been on a sunny beach holiday since Greece in 2015 so I think after everything that’s happened over the past year, we deserve a week of sun, sea and plenty of cocktails!

As we booked with Thomas Cook, were allowed 6KG’s worth of hand luggage so I’ve been trying to keep it light but effective!

So here’s just a few of the bits I’m shoving in my bag for the trip: The Girl On The Train book, Rayberi Sunglasses (some cheap things from Portugal), Instax Mini 8 Camera with 20 sheets top up, Skinny Dip Holographic Purse and Mad Beauty’s cherry scented Hand Cream & Tissues*.

I don’t want to pack too heavy because I know things will just get lost at the bottom of my bag and I won’t fish them out until I get home from my holiday.

I’ve been reading The Girl on the Train after my mum recommended it to me and I’m really loving it! I’ve really been trying to get back into reading physical books than things online.

I love the sunglasses so much because they’re simple and not at all too big for my face which I find with quite a lot actually. I’m also hoping to grab a few pairs of glasses over there as they’re so cheap and have some right funky ones.

Mad Beauty kindly sent me some bits over to try out and I thought this little set would be PERFECT for travelling with the miniature size of them. I love how they also knew how much I liked the cherry scent too! I already had a sneak and the hand cream smells incredible.

I’m also aware that the conditions on having liquids in hand luggage now are pretty limited so maybe I might have to keep the liquids for the holiday itself.

I got given the Skinny Dip purse back in February at the Galentine’s Brunch with Intu Victoria Centre and I instantly fell in love. The holographic print is so me and is like a mini of my everyday purse. 

I think it’s pretty much perfect for a summer holiday with the palm tree detailing and is the ideal size for just popping in a little shoulder bag. I don’t think it’d get lost in my big rucksack either as you’d see it shimmering from miles away.

I’m also planning on packing my iPod and headphones but I was too busy grooving away whilst taking these photos – it’s not a pretty image, truuuust me.

I’ve bought a new bag for our trip away both for hand luggage and for a few outings we’ve got planned. It’s not too big or too small and it’s faux leather making it durable for all weather types –  not that I’m expecting any rain.

I bought this bag from Primark for £9 or £10 which I think is pretty decent for a good rucksack. I think it’s simplicity with the zip detailing makes it great to pair with all sorts of outfits and for different occasions.

I’ve also decided to take my Instax Mini 8 Camera that I got last year as a birthday prezzie because I’ve not really used that much and I thought it’d be fab to take some beachy shots to stick on my noticeboard.

I would pack my Euros and my passport and what not but my mum’s already got them ready at her house which saves me forgetting them!

That’s all for now, I can’t wait to post all about my holiday when I return but for now, tar tar.

Are you going on holiday this year?


*This post contains product samples

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