Celebrating National Burger Day With Byron!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while but I thought I’d share some deets about my most recent foodie trip to Byron earlier this week.

I got invited down to celebrate National Burger Day (tomorrow) and Byron’s 10th Birthday. Can you believe it’s been running that long?!

Me and Kane popped over for a bite to eat with my bestie, Jess, and her other half. After dreaming about food ALLLL day whilst at work, I was more than excited to sink my teeth into a big juicy burger.

We were greeted and seated at our cosy booth for four and offered drinks while we waited for our food order to be taken. After nosying the menu for a while, I settled on a Black Cherry Soda Folk drink and Kane a Peroni, obviously.

We soon ordered some starters to share which included the Topped Nachos and Nine Chicken Nuggets.

I completely underestimated the sheer magnitude of these puppies, they were HUGE.

The Nachos could have happily served 8 as a starter and the nuggets were more like popcorn chicken pieces instead of nuggets but yummy anyway!

The Nachos were tasty but nothing extra special other than the monstrous portion – we seriously struggled.

Once we’d waded through the Nachos, our mains arrived and the aroma that filled the air was mouthwateringly cheesy.

I opted for the Birthday Special, the Gizzmo burger armed with a gooey Mac & Cheese side. Kane had the B-Rex which had an actual onion ring embedded within with a side of Bacon Cheese Fries.

My Gizzmo burger was just like a load of melted cheese in a bun with an added burger, but that suited me juuuuust fine. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love me some cheese. What made this a special was the Welsh Rarebit laced with stout that offered a fine flavour with the medium rare patty.

I don’t mind when burgers are cooked medium but this was just a teency bit too red for me, but not quite enough to stop me from scoffing away.

The Mac & Cheese was oozy and gooey and not the biggest of portions. But when you choose that to accompany such a cheesy burger, I suppose it’s not all bad.

Kane enjoyed his B-Rex which he said had a bit of a kick and the onion ring was surprisingly crispy. The Bacon Cheese Fries were good but there was not enough toppings throughout the side, just a light drizzle on top.

Once we’d attempted to clear our plates, the lovely waiter popped over and actually cleared them for us. We were then offered dessert menus and although I was full, I had already spotted a wonder that I just had to try.

Jess shared the Oreo Cheesecake which looked very yummy and me and Kane chose to share the Reese’s Cup Freakshake (heart attack in a pint glass)!!

Just look at this baby! The milkshake was thick and ice cold with scoops of vanilla clinging to the top of the glass. The caramel sauce was the best I have ever tasted being so thick and indulgent. It also had a slab of brownie on the side which was dense and melted in your mouth. Honestly, best I have had and that’s saying something.

After barely scraping the bottom, we were DONE. The remains weren’t gawking at us for long as the remnants were whisked away within a short while.

I had such a fun and filling time trying out some of the food Byron has to offer, especially as it was my first time trying their food. It was lovely but a bit on the pricey side for me, we have found a few other places in Derby for better value.

I’m not knocking their fabulous service and selection of food though; they can cater to veggies, vegans and gluten free too which is definitely a plus!

Why don’t you check Byron out this National Burger Day for a bite to eat and craft beer?

Thanks to Intu Derby and Byron for inviting me over!

This meal was provided in exchange for a review but my opinions and photos are all my very own!

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