Rimmel Shades of Black Influenster VoxBox*

A couple of weeks ago, I was extremely lucky to be chosen to receive an exciting complimentary VoxBox from Influenster to review.

A VoxBox is a taster of some of the newest products on the scene from different brands – mine being Rimmel. Influenster have also done collabs with Bourjois and Marc Jacobs with the service being relatively new in the UK. They’re MAHOOSIVE in the U.S and they’ve recently set themselves up over here for all us bloggers and influencers too!

I got the Shades of Black box which included three Oh My Gloss! lip glosses, three Rita Ora nail varnish shades and the Wonder’fully Real mascara. The box was a Halloween special and the shades were all deeper, cooler tones which could be used to create creepy make up looks.

Out of the seven products, I was most excited about trying the nail colours as I’m not a HUGE gloss fan and I love jazzing up my nails.

Having tried all three paints, I can safely say I love them! I think Darkest Desires colour has to be my favourite, especially paired with a dark berry lip. However the Matte Black and Midnight Ting shades are both pretty and layer beautifully with a sparkly top coat!

In terms of durability, they’re not too bad, I guess. They last a few days without chipping but then begin to break up after the three day mark but I’m sure if you had a strong, clear top coat, you’d be good for a while! The pigmentation is pretty good only needing two coats at most to get the full impact. I would recommend using a base coat though as the deep red shade left me looking like I’d been part of a crime scene when removing.

The Wonder’fully Real Mascara is a bit of a flop for me, unfortunately. I had high hopes for this as it promises a lengthy lash but it just left a clumpy mess on my lid.

It does add a bit of length to your lashes but nothing all that special compared to other mascaras I’ve used. The formula is pretty wet and can get a little messy when being applied, leaving splotches both on your lid and under your eye. You have be very careful if you’ve spent 10 minutes blending out your shadow, trust me.

I used this and then had to go over it with a wand that full separates your lashes as this left them clumped together. I mean, if you had the time and patience to make this mascara work, it might just be OK for you but for me, it’s a no go. I like a quick and easy mascara you can glide through your lashes with a few strokes and they look voluminous and lengthened.

I was a bit on the fence about trying these out as I’m more of a matte lip gal, but they’re made for that sassy queen inside. I was drawn to the Black Red shade (top) as I think it’s most wearable compared to the Blue Black and the Black Black shades.

I can see why these were brought out for Halloween because I’m not too sure many people would wear black and blue lip glosses on a normal day. The black would be perfect for a vampy, gothic look and the blue for an ice queen or Avatar look.

When it comes to wearing them, they’re not too sticky or irritating and they sit quite nicely on the lips. They don’t bleed but I would recommend finding a liner to coat your lips first as they can be a little sheer, especially the Blue Black.

The Red Black shade will remain in my collection for when I  want to inject a bit of sauciness into my make up look but I think the Black Black and the Blue Black will be going away for fancy dress looks.

Overall, I think Rimmel’s pair up with Rita Ora on the Shades of Black range screams out to a lot of people for fancy dress ideas or if you’re feeling like a dark look. I think the quality of the products is pretty standard for the high street and their price points too.

Thank you to Influenster and Rimmel for giving the chance to review these products and embrace my inner goth (she’s always been there) for a little while.

*I received these products complimentary to review from Influenster but the opinions and photos are my own, as always.

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