Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Highliner Review | Influenster

If you know me at all, you know I’m a big fan of eyeliner and rockin’ that cateye look, day in day out. So when the Marc Jacobs Highliners landed on my doorstep to try out, I was a very happy lady.

I’m usually one for cooler, smoky looks but I couldn’t wait to give these two pink shades a try, paired with my new favourite palette! Spoiler, it’s the W7 Blazin’ palette which is SUCH a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette but SO much cheaper. I think I got it for around £7.00 on Amazon instead of UD’s hefty £39.50 price tag.

If you didn’t know already, Influenster is this nifty little app which lets you review products and link all your social media platforms to build a score –  the higher the score and the more reviews you do, the more likely you are to be chosen to receive some goodies to try.

Having never tried any Marc Jacobs beauty products, other than sniffing their sensational scents in Debenhams, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. But after swatching within seconds of ripping open the box, I was amazed; within one swipe, there was PIGMENT.

With the lighter shade, named Pink Of Me, I was half expecting it to take a few scribbles to build the colour up but I would say this even bolder than the (POP)ular shade.

These eyeliners definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone when first applying but I am now totally OK with how they look and they made me feel sassy AF.

As you can see, I am suuuuper pale and I wasn’t too sure on how these would fair with my skin but I looooved the end result after playing around with them.

They have this creamy yet matte consistency that kind of mirrors that of a lip liner or crayon; in fact, I bet you could even use these on your lips.

I applied these on my eyes around 1pm and by 11pm in the evening, and after travelling and dancing the night away at a gig, they were still very visible so I’d say the longevity is pretty on point.

I also like that they have a twisty bottom once the nub becomes a little low to raise the product up; they’re like a dream. I DESPISE sharpening kohl pencils and then the product getting jammed and ending up all over your hands, your pyjama bottoms and the floor.

The sleek packaging makes them feel high quality and like something you’d be proud to show off. These price at £20.00 each and can be found in John Lewis both in stores and online. After checking out the website too, there are 12 different shades to choose from which is pretty impressive.

Here is my finished look using both the Pink Of Me and (POP)ular shades.

I used the lighter pink (Pink Of Me) in the very corner on my eyes and blended out a little using a brush. Then I lined under my flick with the brighter pink ((POP)ular) for all the Hayley Williams Crushcrushcrush vibes. I’ve never been a bold eye kinda gal but these might just have swayed me.

I’m tempted to pick up a few different shades now including the black and a bright blue for a cooler look.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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