A Meat & Mojito Monday with Son of Steak

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may know that I did veggie January and completely cut meat out of my diet for a whole 31 days long. January’s a long month for everyone but it felt that much longer when all I craved was a big FAT burger.

Luckily, I got invited along to try out Son of Steak, Nottingham’s new menu and let meat make a miraculous re-entry into my life and with a vengeance too!

The first photo I want to show you is my favourite from the night, me stuffing my face with the biggest burger I could get my hands on and packed full of meat.

After more or less starving myself all day at work in preparation for the feast coming later, I was very much so looking forward to tucking into something delicious and within minutes of being seated we were plied with Mojitos, bread and dips.

There were four dips to choose from including Sticky Paprika, Coconut & Lime Bumbu, Bumbu Bali and Fiery Bumbu Bali which increased itn heat pretty dramatically. The Sticky Paprika had to be my favourite with it’s maple undertones.

Soon the sides and salads starting gracing the table with their presence and my gosh, there was a selection!

There was Hand Cut Fries, Mac & Cheese (OH MY), Caesar Salad, Roast Veg, Superfood Salad, Crushed Sweet Potato, Chicken Wings and then finally, some of the Flat Iron Steaks were served…

The steak was tender, juicy and melted in your mouth which is everything I love in a good steak; I also found the chunky salt sprinkled on top was the perfect accompaniment.

My favourite sides had to be the crispy Fries and the Mac & Cheese because I am such a cheese freak – it was creamy and had the most perfect breadcrumb topping.

After grazing on this pretty impressive selection of ‘nibbles’ shall we say? I’m not sure you can class steak and chips as a starter but we’re going to give it a go.

We were then asked to pick our choice of burger/chicken burger/veggie burger from the pick a mix menu and I was well up for a Bacon Cheeseburger aptly named The Piggy In The Middle.

The seeded brioche bun had a good bite to it and was sturdy enough to contain the hefty contents, just about. The burger was packed full of salad, smothered with cheese, a good slice of bacon and then lathered with mayo which I fully approved of.

As you can see a few photos back, I was more than excited to get stuck in and made the biggest mess, but when you’re a carnivorous lady like me, you just get stuck in.

The meat was ever so slightly gristly which let me down a little but there was plenty to go round. I struggled to finish it but managed to tuck away all the meat and cheese which, let’s face it, is the best bit.

By this point I was about to pop but luckily I wore a dress so I I couldn’t burst from my jeans. I know all the tricks when going to a foodie event!

THEN, they brought out the biggest pieces of chicken marinated in the sauces I mention before. I was a few Mojitos down by this point and when I’ve had a drink, my tummy seems to be a bottomless pit that I can just keep on filling.

I tore off a big piece of chicken from the Sticky Paprika piece and my goodness, I was in HEAVEN! The chicken would be wonderful pulled and then put on top of nachos and grilled with cheese – can you imagine? Take note guys!

Even by this point they still weren’t done –  there was dessert to go yet.

Plates laden with New York Cheesecake slices and Chocolate Brownies starting appearing from nowhere and we were all salivating.

The Cheesecake was my favourite as I found the Brownie a little bit too dry and dense for me but others loved it! They also have their own Ice Cream Station with a Whippy machine and a selection of sauces which is such a good idea, especially for kiddies to take full advantage of.

About 5 courses later and a few bevvies downed, I was ready for my bed and a 14 hour food coma sleep.

I had the best evening trying out Son of Steak’s newest menu additions and eating like a Carnivore again so thanks a whole lot for having me!

This hefty meal was provided in exchange for a review and social media coverage but in no way does this influence my opinions. The photos and words are all my own too! If you would like to collaborate in the future, you can email me at comicbooksandyellowducks@outlook.com

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