Mexican Menu Tasting at Bodega!

As you can probably tell, I’m a mahoosive foodie, so when Bodega invited me over to try some of their new additions to their menu, I was ready to get my Mexican on!

Having been to Bodega a few times over the past year, I was excited to see what new taste sensations had been added to their delicious menu.

I met up with one of my blogger besties, Monet (Munching with Monet) beforehand and we headed over to Sadler Gate to get stuck in!

The eating areas are spread out over two floors and we were given the top floor to ourselves along with some other local bloggers and influencers to be wined and dined.

Upon being seated, we were handed a Pornstar Daiquiri to try; a take on a Pornstar Martini but shaken with rum instead of vodka. Monet had a similar Passionfruit Mocktail to sip too which looked refreshing.

The drink was short and sweet which is just what I like in a cocktail, especially as the Martini version is one of my all time favourites! As you can see, I was very happy about drinking these!

After being introduced to the new menu and having a good ol’ nosy at the new bits, we were given a few different tasters to try.

The first lot up was a variation of different toppings layered on top of their crunchy nachos.


My favourite topping has to be the re-fried beans, just because they’re so silky and pair perfectly with the homemade, crunchy nacho.

The salsa was zingy and had a citrus kick that I enjoyed but unfortunately, I’m not a fan of guac so I didn’t take to that portion.

Next up were the Blue Corn Tacos which were so intriguing… How was it so blue??

They were laden with two fillings, mole chicken with sesame seeds and mushrooms in a mole sauce.

To be honest, the mushroom ones were not my cup of tea but I really enjoyed the chicken ones. They were soft, comforting and the crunchy leaves and sesame seeds added bite which I liked a lot.

Then it was time to try out some mains! There were three dishes to try which included the Xim Xim, a sweet coconut & peanut curry, the Quinoa Chifa, a big bowl of quinoa with veggies and tofu and the final dish being a side of Sticky Agave Sweet Potato.

The Xim Xim had to be favourite (minus the prawns) with the chicken chunks, the sweet coconut and peanut sauce and the dirty rice which accompanied it.

The Quinoa dish was tasty but far too spicy for my liking, I could only have a few forkfuls!

The Sticky Agave Sweet Potato was served with olives and queso fresco cheese which didn’t look appealing to me. The sweet potato was soft and melted in your mouth but I’m not keen on olives of the cottage like cheese.

We also got to try a good Bombay G&T, complete with lemon, juniper berries and herbal tonic, along with our mains which was very welcomed! They were refreshing and light paired with the warm, comforting foods.

It was approaching the end of the evening but they weren’t done with us yet! We got the chance to muddle up our own Caprinha which was made up of lime, sugar, Cachaca and I chose to add raspberries into my mix to add some sweetness. After a shake and a shake and another shake, it was time to serve with a whole load of crushed ice. It had a good kick but was relatively easy to drink and very refreshing.

One of the things I love about Bodega is the cosy feel it has once you’re inside. The big, blue windows let in lots of natural light which compliments the bright interior. At night, their are fairy lights lit and a candle on each table to add some atmosphere.

Thanks so much to Bodega for inviting me over to try your new menu, I had such a blast!


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