Summer Outfit Styling As A Size 14

So… Yeah it’s HOT right now in the UK unless you live in Scotland or under a rock.

Unlike a large number of people, I find summer particularly uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, there are plus sides like getting your washing dry in hours, my hair goes more or less white and getting to go on long walks.

BUT, there are a lot of negatives for me too! Some being my hideous hayfever, having to shave your legs every second and the biggest one; how to dress.

Sunglasses – £3 from Primark, Bardot Top – £8 from New Look, Culottes – £13 from TK Maxx, Black Converse – £55 from Asylum Industries.

Since starting University, I’ve jumped up 3 dress sizes and not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s affected the way I have to dress.

Being a curvy size 14 is not as simple as it sounds. For me, I don’t feel comfortable wearing A LOT of the things I used to wear at a size 8. I don’t like my arms, my chunky legs, my tummy and so that has had an effect on my wardrobe.

One of the biggest concerns when styling an outfit for summer is CHUB RUB. It’s horrible, I hate it and it ruins my life.

I’d love nothing more than to slip on a cute little tea dress with sandals and yeah I can, but I have to either wear tights or shorts underneath and sometimes it’s just too hot for that.

SO, my alternative to this issue is floaty culottes with a cute crop top or a slogan tee tucked in.

This outfit in particular is one I feel comfortable and confident in. I’ve never been a crop top girl but with either some patterned or plain culottes, I’m all for them.

This off the shoulder, bardot style I found in the New Look sale for only £8 which is definitely up my street. I’ve found I can dress it up or down and I think that off the shoulder tops do me a lot of favours. They cover my arms but still show some skin which you just need to do in summer.

These trousers are a soft, thin material which is perfect for 25C heat because they let a breeze in and they don’t get itchy or uncomfortable. I found these ones in TK Maxx for £13 and they’re perfect because they’re high-waisted and polka dots are SO IN at the minute.

Sunglasses – £3 from Primark, Playsuit – £13 from Primark, Black Cropped Tee – £4 from Primark, Black Converse – £55 from Asylum Industries

Another staple in my wardrobe through the summer months are playsuits. They do the trick for me because they can be pretty and girly but also stop my legs rubbing and flying up with the wind.

I love pairing thin strapped dresses and playsuits with a coloured cropped tee; this is mainly to hide the tops of my arms but they also stop sunburnt shoulders and add some depth to an outfit.

I’m going to be honest now but I am wearing tights in the photo above but just because we were taking photos and I seriously need some colour on my milk bottles. But I do wear tights on occasion when wearing dresses or playsuits because my skin gets irritated in grass, yes I am a sensitive soul.

If I’m not wearing tights under things then I do wear cycling shorts instead (you can find them from Primark for £2.50) just to make me feel 100% comfortable.

Another issue I find at a size 14 is that my feet have got wider which is the biggest pain! I love nothing more than cute sandals or a pair of nice heels for evenings out but now my feet have got wider, they don’t fit in half the shoes I have.

BUT, I’ve noticed that quite a few high street shops like New Look, Primark and even Asda do wide fit shoes which is a bloody lifesaver! Although I am the pickiest when it comes to shoes so 75% of the time I’ll be wearing Converse or Vans and comfort’s a plus too.

So yeah, if you take anything from this blog post, take that tights and cycling shorts are queens, you can layer outfits with a cute cropped tee and trousers are the future!

This was a very honest post for me and I’m not super confident about my size at the moment but I’m learning to love myself and I’m trying to hit the gym.

Thanks for reading and thank you to my girl Jess Grace for the photos, you’re a star!




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