Tips To Get Over A Break-up

So you’re going through a break-up and you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself? Yeah, I was there too.

I mean it’s not been too long for me since my break-up but I’ve found that the things I’m going to talk about in this post have really helped me along the way.

I mean, some people take break-ups very differently. Some get over them in a few days and some people can take years, it all depends on the person. But me, I think it was a long time coming and I finally feel like I’ve got back to the person I want to be.

Over the past few months, I have changed massively as a person and I’m actually starting to accept myself and loving me for me again. Which leads me onto my first point…

Self Care
This has been one of the best things in terms of making myself feel good.
I’ve been cracking out the face masks, running hot baths and just spending some time looking after myself.

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Cheeky throwback to Saturday night, I was clearly feelin’ myself 😏 #selfie #saturdaynight #fotn #purplehair

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One of the cliche things I did after my break-up was dying my hair… I just thought sod it and dyed it purple and I’ve loved every second of it. I’m thinking of keeping it purple for a little bit longer but it is so much effort to keep dying it so often.

Another form of self care is to wear things out of your comfort zone. I’ve started wearing different clothes and making myself look a little bit more like I’ve made an effort and it’s done wonders for my confidence.

Be Busy

A big thing is to fill your free time with activities to keep not only yourself occupied but more importantly, your mind. There’s nothing worse than having nothing to do and you’re just sat thinking and getting sad. There’s just no need!

Fill your weekends with fun things with your friends or family. Work overtime. Start a new TV series. Read a new book. Learn a new skill. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received from one of my good friends recently is to fill every second you have so you’re not bored.

I’ve found myself buying new books, starting new TV series and writing a lot more which I just love. I’ve also started my driving lessons and I’m doing 2 a week so I can pass faster.

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Had the best 24 hours in York with the girls 🌇👭 #york #weekendbreak #girlsweekend #theshambles

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I’ve been making plans every weekend and I recently went to York with my girls which was so much fun and a nice refresh. We already have the next trip planned!

Don’t look back

As hard as it can be to dwell on the past and think about all the good times you had, think about all the good times that are to come. Think about the new found freedom you have and do all the things you want to do for yourself.

A good idea is to remove all the photos you have on your phone in to one folder and hide it away on your laptop somewhere, or even delete it.

You broke up for a reason and whatever that reason may be, it would have meant things weren’t right.

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Remembering this tonight 🙌❤ #lifequote

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It’s OK to have a sad moment and feel lonely but it is OK, you’ll get past it. You never know, Prince/Princess Charming could be waiting around the corner for you.

Treat Yourself

I mean, I think I take this waaay too far but that’s OK! Buy yourself some new clothes, shoes, make up, tech, perfume or anything you want.

I decided I was sick of feeling like a frump so I went and bought myself some new heels and underwear and I felt so much better! Another thing that’s on my list to treat myself to is an iPad but that can wait a few months…


If there’s things you’ve always wanted to buy yourself and you haven’t, just do it, you deserve it. If you make enough money to buy yourself a little something something then what harm can it do?

Break-ups are HARD and it might take you some time to work through it but trust me, you can do it! I hope you enjoyed my top tips to helping you adjust. They’ve worked for me, tried and tested.

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