Three Insanely Cool Things to Do In The Midlands Right Now

If you’ve not noticed, The Midlands is a pretty cool place right now. There’s always something going on, whether it be a Vintage Clothing Fair, A Food Market, A Festival or an Exhibition; the Midlands is BOOMING.

With the up-rise of supporting local businesses and so many new eateries opening up, it can’t be helped but to try new things!

I’ve done some pretty cool stuff recently so I thought it’d be good to put together a little guide to what’s going on and why you should most definitely branch out from Maccies and Primark.

One of the most fun things I’ve done recently is going to see The Lady Boys of Bangkok*. Hear me out, I promise it’s worth it.

I recently was offered to go and see the show and I thought it would be a laugh so I took one of my work besties along for a girls night and we had the best time!

It’s basically a big karaoke session and it goes hand in hand with a bottle of wine and a good dance. We had a blast!

The ladies are so unbelievably beautiful, it made me feel inferior but it’s such a laugh and a complete MUST for a good night out.

They’ve vanished from Derby but you can catch them in Nottingham until Sunday 28th of April. You can buy tickets here!

Another thing that’s been a thing for quite a while now is the Bustler Food Market in Derby.

I’ve been going for some time now. It runs on the last Friday & Saturday of every month and it’s basically a load of food/drink trucks and vendors in one space with music, a bar and seating. It’s just the best idea.

The best part is, all the vendors, each month, are independent and home make everything! For the most part, the food is absolutely astounding. I’ve never had a bad thing and I’ve been my fair share of times.

It’s just something different to eating at the same restaurants over and over. Each month there’s different traders so you’ll never get bored, although there will be returning favourites throughout the year.

Baos are something I discovered at Bustler some time ago and I’ve been hooked ever since; they’re a taste sensation!

You can catch them this coming weekend at their new residence on John Street, Derby. Check out their website here for all the info you’d ever need!

Another ‘insanely cool’ thing I’ve done recently is go to a new 18+ golf course that’s not long opened. It’s called House of Holes and it’s as crazy as the innuendo suggests.

There is actual holes. EVERYWHERE. It sounds rude and it’s definitely 18+ for a reason.

One thing about it though, the decor is actually so cool! It also has a little cocktail bar in the middle of the course, a large seating area upstairs and soon they’ll be offering up some food choices.

I would say the difficulty of the holes varies with some being moderately easy and some being absolute solid but that’s what makes it all the more fun!

I would definitely recommend it as a night with your friends before or after going to the pub – it’s certainly something to have a laugh about.

You can check out their website for more information. They’re located in the old May Sum building on Babington Lane.

There are so many things I want to check out over summer like the Digbeth Dining Club, a Vintage Clothing Fair, Gin/Beer festivals and local Music Festivals!

Have you done anything extraordinarily cool recently?

*The tickets were gifted to me in exchange for Coverage on my blog. This does not influence my views.

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