New Year, New Me & All That Other Bullshit

And just like that, the decade’s over and it’s 2020 – WTF?! Is it just me getting old or did 2019 just fly off into the sunset with an umbrella like Mary Poppins?

ANYWAY, the point of this post was for me to reflect on 2019, what did I achieve? What did I learn? What new things am I going to take into 2020?


Let’s look back on last year’s Resolutions post and see what I did and didn’t do…

Savings – Okay so that didn’t go entirely to plan, but I have paid off a few little bits and bobs and I opened a Help To Buy ISA so that’s something, right?

Driving Lessons – Although I did a heck load of lessons on and off this year, I didn’t quite get to booking my driving test. I passed my Theory in March which was a bonus but since moving, it’s not been the easiest to afford them.

Body Confidence – I mentioned in my previous post about wanting more tattoos and switching up my hair colour. Boy oh boy, I did that this year. Having gone from purple, to green, to pink and then full circle back to blonde again: we can say that one was a big tick. Tattoos? Well I started the year with one which I had reworked and another 5 extras so CHECK MATE.


To be spontaneous – I would give this one a massive tick. I have done so many cool, random and scary things last year that I would never have dreamed of doing!

Looking back on 2019, I would say it was one of the biggest years for my own growth. I moved into my own flat, saw lots of different places, spent a lot more time with friends and battled with my mental health.

I had a roller coaster of a year with my emotions but it’s only taught me to look after myself more. I’ve also learned that I can lean on my friends when I need to, they love me and they only want the best for me. I’ve stopped bottling things up now and it feels so much better!


Now, let’s look forward. I’m not changing me this year but just enhancing who I already am and no, I don’t mean get a boob job. I know what I want to achieve and do is in me somewhere, I just need to go for it.

I really want to push myself this year on terms of my career. I want to work in the digital world; whether this be in writing, editing, social media, blogs, websites… who knows?! But I am GETTING THERE.

Another thing I want to continue to do is to spend a lot of my time with friends. I’ve made some of the best memories this year with existing friends and with some new ones. I want to be there for my friends this year. They’ve looked after me a hell of a lot in 2019 and I feel they deserve the best back.


I want to see some new places this year, try new things and be even more spontaneous. Sometimes the ‘fuck it’ attitude is the best outlook to have and I plan on embracing it to the best of my ability. I would really like to do a European City Break around Christmas time and I’d like to check a few more UK cities off my list. I’m planning on NYC in 2021!

One of the biggest (and probably hardest) things I want to do this year is clear myself of any debt. I want to wipe my credit card, pay off my overdraft and just feel a big weight lifted off my shoulders. The next few days are going to see me budgeting month by month and I may even try to save a little bit for a rainy day too.

A controversial resolution of mine this year is to watch more TV! I’ve kept myself so beyond busy this year and there is so many series’ and films I’ve missed out on so I’m making it my mission to have one weekend a month where I have no plans. I’d also like to give myself chance to read some more. I used to love it around 6 years ago and I feel as though half an hour before bed might do my mind some good.

The last one of mine is to carry on being me. This time last year, I was recently single and had no idea of who I was. After spending months dating, then not dating then dating again, I realised I can’t be fully happy with any one else until I’m happy within myself. It may have taken me some time to realise but I feel so full of love for myself now. I’m embracing who I am and if you don’t like it, off you fuck.


I’ve bought myself a shed load of new clothes, make up and I’m planning on more tattoos, a nose piercing and just be more me than I have ever been.

So with pleasure, I’m welcoming 2020 with open arms. Come at me!