Classy vs A Lil’ Bit Bad-assy with Femme Luxe

Developing my own style has been something I’ve really been trying to do over the past year or so. Having felt lost for years before in how I wanted to look and the image I wanted for myself, I feel like I’m FINALLY happy with how I dress myself now. WOOP WOOP!

Femme Luxe asked if I wanted to style a few of their pieces and I thought I’d set myself a little style challenge and try and push my boundaries just a little bit more. So alas, here we have the classy vs the bad-assy; both styles I adore and I’ve tried to adapt to one way or another.

I was kindly gifted* 4 items; 2 dresses and 2 bodysuits and I’ve taken one of each item and styled it the way I saw fit.


The first piece of clothing I tried was the White Satin Panel Lace Bodysuit which felt nothing but luxurious!

Usually with Bodysuits, I’m a little bit sceptical because I’m particularly long-bodied but this one fit like a dream…

I’m calling this look the ‘classy option’ because to be honest, it’s pretty classy for me! I’m usually in something black, mesh or checked but not this baby, it’s bloody pretty.

I’ve styled the Satin Bodysuit with a trusty Black Blazer and my old faithful Mom Jeans* (previously gifted by Femme Luxe).

For accesories I just popped on a simple silver coin necklace and a few rings to add a bit of somethin’ somethin’. For shoes I’m wearing some black open toe lace up heels to pull the look together.

This outfit is something I’d wear on a night out with my girls to dance the night away!


OK now this style is something that I feel like I’ve got down. I love everything alternative purely because it does wonders for my self-confidence.

This Emerald Velvet Sleeveless Bodycon Mini Dress is something that I immediately was like YES to. I love the emerald green colour and I feel like the colour really suits me.

I chose to layer the dress because, well, it’s bloody freezing out there. I tied up my fave green checked shirt, threw on my trusty new leather jacket and a beanie and I was good to go!

I obviously added fishnets, my varsity socks and my fave Converse to spice it up a bit. Now I feel sassy as heck in this outfit and it’s something I aspire to feel in every outfit I put on – we’ll get there!


Anddddd we’re back to classy Jay. This time, she picked the Black D Ring Belt Mini Shirt Dress.

Now this dress deserves a round of applause in itself; it’s sexy, strong and screams ‘don’t mess with me’.

As I chose this dress for a classy look (although it’s still pretty badass), I thought I better pair it with my heeled military boots which I practically live in and my smart af checked coat.

This is the kind of outfit I’d wear on a date or out to dinner if I wanted to impress someone.


Now this one is a look I’m pretty proud of. When I first got the Black Mesh Fishnet Padded Strappy Bodysuit, I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t realise how SEE THROUGH it’d be. OK yes, it’s in the name but damn, there’s a lot of skin on show.

After trying it on, I thought screw it and I actually felt really damn good in it.

I chucked on my leather jeans and my classic denim and voila, a badass look of dreams. I put on some chains for good measure and damn, I felt bloody good (hence the photoshoot, duh).

Usually I think I can’t pull of pieces like this but you never know unless you try. If you see a piece of clothing and you think: “Hmmm…” then I strongly encourage you just to try it on, you might surprise yourself.

I’m really enjoying embracing this new found confidence in clothes and I want to explore it further and further.

A year ago, I would never dream of feeling how I do now and it’s so rewarding looking in the mirror and feeling happy rather than trying to avoid it at all costs. It’s amazing what clothes can do huh?

Thanks to my bestie Jess at An Ounce of Grace for all the photos, she’s the best!

*These items were kindly gifted to me from Femme Luxe but the views, photos and words are all my very own.

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