Five Things I’ve Loved & Learnt in Lockdown

Well 2020’s been a bit mental hasn’t it? Like we’re nearly in August already. WTF?! Anyway, it’s been a lifetime since we got locked down but now things are easing up, I thought I’d reflect back on what I’ve loved and learnt over the past 5 months; it’s been wild.

1) I think you know the top of my list is LOUNGEWEAR! What would any of us done without it this year?

Trackies, hoodies, cosy tshirts, anything and everything cosy has been my go to for the last few months.

Femme Luxe (AD PRESS SAMPLE) came through during Lockdown and kindly sent me some bits over which I’ve been wearing to death.

The first two things I picked were the Black High Waisted Lightweight Joggers and the White Crop Loungewear Set. I found both of these to have the softest material, however very thin and a little see through. They’re great for lazing around the house but I wouldn’t go out in them.

Another thing I picked up was the Black Crewneck Oversized T-Shirt which I wear on the reg. It’s great paired with cycling shorts if you’re going for a walk, on it’s own for dozing or with a belt round to pull it off as a dress if you’re popping to the supermarket.

The last thing I chose was the Black Cargo Trousers which I was little bit sceptical of at first; I wasn’t sure I could pull them off. But after putting them on, I had this new found sass that I’d not had in a while. I LOVE them and damn, they’re flattering.

2) Another thing I’ve rediscovered my love for is cooking and baking. Pre-lockdown I cooked a lot but rarely had time for baking. So when I suddenly had all this free time on my hands, I took a shot at baking again and loved it!

I spent a lot of Springtime baking cookies and brownies with various different chocolates in them and I even made my boyfriend’s Birthday cake which was a big hit! I just can’t wait until Autumn and Winter to get even more of a bake on.

3) One of the hardest things I’ve found over the past few months is accepting my own skin. I’m make up obsessed and I love wearing a full coverage foundation to cover up my sensitive, blotchy, spotty skin but my ways have changed…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’d never ever not wear make up, it’s just that I’d never go out the house without any on.

Now, I couldn’t care less! I go to the supermarket bare faced, I walk around the town centre bare faced and I just really couldn’t careless. I do feel a little insecure about my skin but nowhere near as much as the start of March.

I think I’ve just learned to accept my skin and it’s good to let it breathe. Wearing make up now feels like a special occasion and I’ve fallen in love with it again, just in a different way.

4) Something I’ve struggled with for a long long time is saving money. If you know me, you know that I’m a spendaholic and I like to take ‘treat yourself’ to a whole new level.

But during lockdown, I’ve actually managed to save some bloody money. I know, mum, I’m proud too! I’ve managed to pay off some of my debt and I’ve had the time to figure out long term solutions to paying things off, saving money and still having some to myself.

That’s of the things that really makes me happy; looking ahead to the future and knowing that I can be debt free.

5) The last thing I’ve learnt is that you need to check up on the people you love.

Everyone has reacted to lockdown/quarantine/Corona differently and you just don’t know what people are going through. Whether it be a text, a phonecall, a doorstop visit or a socially distanced walk; it’s good to check up on people.

Although I have a pretty close circle with whom I speak to daily/weekly, I think it’s good to check on those people who you don’t necessarily talk to majorly regularly. There’s people living on their own, living with parents who may be unwell, away from loved ones and it’s just nice to make it known you’re there for a chat.

There have been people who have checked up on me over the past few months that I wouldn’t have expected to and honestly, it’s been refreshing knowing there are actually nice, caring human beings out there.

Have you learnt anything valuable during the past few months?

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