My Tattoo Story

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m no stranger to having a tattoo or two and if you don’t know me, well now you know!

Because the number of them has now hit double digits, I thought it was about time I wrote down who, what, when, where and why… Bonus point for anyone who gets that reference.

I’m going to start right from the beginning.

I got a Paramore tattoo back in 2016 at a studio on Derby Market Place which wasn’t the best but it did the job. An ex paid for it as a Valentine’s Day present but I wanted it switching up later down the line. SO this leads me onto…

February 2019 – Adding some femininity to my Paramore symbol.

As much as I loved the plain symbol, I wanted to add some traditional style roses to make it a bit more feminine and really make it my own.

I had a good research on Instagram for local Tattoo Artists that would do a good job of reworking the piece and I came across Doug @ True Grit Tattoo in Derby. He’s an apprentice but his work is so sick.

I’ve not been to anyone else since and I couldn’t recommend him enough; plus his prices are pretty damn reasonable.

Fast forward a few months and we come to Summer.

July 2019 – Lightning Bolt & Trad Skull

I called my lil’ skull, Stevie; partly for Stevie Knicks and just because I liked the name.

I got him because I’ve always been a little emo kid at heart and I thought what better way to keep that a part of me forever than to have a little reminder.

Bolt, the little guy behind my ear, is a little bit of nerdy me sneaking out.

I got it as an ode to Harry Potter because it was a massive part of my childhood growing up. It’s something me, my mum and sis were/are massively into and I just thought the placement was mega cute.

August 2019: Leo Constellation & Mountains

This tattoo is one of my favourites because it’s just so me! I aptly got a Leo Constellation on my ankle for my Birthday which is at the beginning of August.

I saw a tattoo similar to this on Instagram and just loved it. So I gave Doug free reign and he designed me something to his style.

The mountains were a little nudge toward me wanting to travel and see the stars from all different parts of the World.

December 2019: Crescent Moon & Wrist Rose

These two were a Christmas present from my Sister which I looooove.

I’ve wanted a Moon on my ribs for years but I was so scared of the pain so I built up to it and finally jumped in. It really wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be; I don’t know what all the fuss was about!

I have a mega thing for Space, the Moon, Stars and all that jazz and I thought it would just sit nice on my ribs.

The rose wasn’t something I was always set on but after seeing it repeatedly when doing tattoo research, I just loved it. It’s something so simple yet so elegant.

February 2020: Snake & Dagger

This is one of those tattoos that I saw on Instagram models and I always thought they looked so badass! I always wanted to be that cool so I just though fuck it, and alas got a boobie tattoo.

Don’t get me wrong, it was the most painful one I’ve had to date, so much so I nearly quit half way through. But I got through and here we are.

Salazar was another Valentine’s Day tattoo as a little present to myself. I’m going to keep up the Valentine’s Day tradition of tattoos for as long as I can. I just think it’s a nice way to celebrate loving yourself.

I love the scales on him and the intricate handle detailing, Doug really went ham on this one.

Then onto my latest additions…

August 2020: Solar System, Fingers Crossed & Polar Bear

The Solar System was one that I had planned to get in April but you know, Lockdown and all that.

I’m a bit of a Space nerd if you didn’t already know and this was one I’d wanted for a while. The placement was one I struggled pick; I wanted it down my spine at first and then up the back of my calf but I finally settled on the inside of my arm.

The fingers crossed I have on the back of my arm because I’m a little bit superstitious and it’s supposed to bring me luck – I can neither confirm or deny this yet.

The last one is a teeny little Polar Bear on the opposite ankle to my mountains.

There is a little story behind this one actually… I had an operation five years ago and I got bought a teddy Polar Bear (my favourite animal) as a get well present. Since then, he goes everywhere with me, he sits on the bed, he gets a snuggle at bedtime, all sorts!

I wanted something to keep him with me forever because he’s been through so much with me, as sad as that sounds.

So that’s all of my tattoos… for now. There’s a new more I want but they’re going to have to wait for a little while.

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