Attainable Goals for 2021

January huh? Well that’s flown by but also felt like 149 years, if you know what I mean? I’ve been wanting to write this post for weeks but I’ve just not been able to get the words out or figure out how or what to say.

I wanted to set myself some goals that were realistic and things that I actually looked forward to achieving instead of dreading them. 2020 was an absolute shit show to say the least and whilst I’m glad to see the back of it, so many wonderful things happened.

I got into a relationship which I completely unexpected but here we are, nearly a year later and we don’t hate each other yet! Just kidding, I love him lots and lots.

I moved out of my flat which was never on the agenda but lockdown pretty much changed everyone’s lives in ways they never expected.

I paid off my student overdraft which was something that I had hanging over me for over 5 years and I was desperate to clear. Luckily, I got myself financially stable enough to clear it off and I couldn’t be more relieved.

There were also a hell of a lot more good things to come out of last year but let’s move on… Okay so 2021; It’s been nearly a month and I’ve not actually done anything productive yet but January is basically a write off anyway, right?

  1. Finally launch my business

For a while, I’ve had this idea in my head that I want to create designs. I’m not sure yet whether they’ll be postcards, prints, greeting cards, phone wallpapers, Instagram posts etc. But I’ve drawn up a few ideas and I just want to get them out into the World.

I’ve got the logo, the name and the Instagram account (@yellowducksdesigns if you’re interested) already set up, I just want to start doing something with it. It’s not even for anybody else or to make money, just for something creative for me to do and to get excited about.

2. Start Saving for a House Deposit

This is something I’ve tried to do for years and just never got anywhere. Truthfully, I think it’s because I’ve never actually seen it as a priority and it just never bothered me moving from rented property to rented property. But now, I’m at the point in my life where I just want somewhere to call home for a long period of time and settle.

We’ve set ourselves some targets and I think if we try, then we’ll be able to save enough to go buy ourselves a nice little place which is SO EXCITING. I think I’m actually starting to feel like an adult and it’s really bloody weird.

3. Watch More Telly

I set this as a goal for myself last year and you’d think I’d have done it considering we spent a good chunk of the year in Lockdown but nope. I have so so so many series recommended to me by friends and family and I just never end up giving them a try; I just end up watching the same shit over and over.

Don’t get me wrong, there were days where I just binged new things like the Haunting of Bly Manor or Night Stalker but I need to actually watch things people recommend to me instead of moaning there is nothing to watch.

4. Get Outdoors More

I never thought I’d turn into this person but at the ripe age of 25, I have a National Trust membership and you know what? I couldn’t be happier. Ben’s Momma bought us memberships for Christmas and I was so excited to get planning all the places we could go for a walk and see. Sadly Lockdown’s hindered our plans a little but there still a few local places we can visit.

I’ve also just invested in a pair of walking boots as opposed to wearing my Dr Martens everywhere and my God, my feet have never loved me more.

I think hopefully once Lockdown’s eased in the Spring, we can travel further afield to visit more places and explore.

5. Learn to Love My Body

In all honesty, I think this goal is going to be the hardest but I’m so determined to do it. I know you’re probably thinking ‘harder than saving a house deposit or launching a business?’ but yep, this one’s going to be solid.

Truth is, I don’t think anyone’s ever happy in the skin they’re in but trying to accept myself more is something I think I need to try and do, just for my own mental health. Weight is something that fluctuates, day by day, week by week, month by month and there’re so many things to consider in that too: time of year, illness, mindset, lifestyle… the list is endless.

But ultimately, I think if I can start to look at my body and look all the positive things about it and try and not focus on the negatives so much, I might start to love it that teeny bit more. I just want to focus on getting fit again and not being out of breath when I walk up the stairs but for me, I find walking and hopefully casually going to the gym again (when it opens) will make a massive difference.

I’m not going to ramble on because there are so so so many things I want to achieve but some of the things are just not realistic. I’m never going to be a Size 8 because my body is just not built that way. I’m not going to get 10 more tattoos because who knows what will be allowed to open this year yet and I’m not going to say I’m going to pass my driving test because again, who knows what state the country is going to be in.

I hope you found this post somewhat motivational or even if you just fancied being nosey, thanks for getting this far!

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