About Me

Hey, I’m Jay. I’m 25, I’m from Derby and I’m a ‘lil bit quirky.

I have lived in Derby my whole life and I currently work as a Data Co-ordinator in Property.

I graduated from The Uni of Derby in 2016 with a Journalism degree which is where this blog was first born.

One of the tasks in the first semester was to create an outlet to be creative over the Christmas & Summer breaks to keep our minds active and we’re still here 7 years later.

I first found myself writing music reviews, showing off things I’d bought in clothes sales and reviewing my favourite restaurants.

My focus isn’t too dissimilar now but I seem to have found exactly what I love writing about. I still love reviewing bars, restaurants and eateries. I still love showing off clothes & make up I’ve bought and I still love reviewing music. I just tend to show case the last two more on my Instagram.

One of the things I use this platform for now is to talk about my life experiences and my learnings which I find quite therapeutic to write about. It allows me to make sense of what’s happened and what’s happening currently.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of brands and places which include but are not limited to:

  • Simply Be
  • Cosy Club, Derby
  • Femme Luxe
  • Revolucion De Cuba, Derby
  • Derby Live
  • Son of Steak, Notts
  • Intu Derby
  • Thorntons
  • Honest Pizzas, Derby
    • And so many more…

I’m really just an all round, bubbly, smiley girl who has a real passion for fashion, food and travelling up and down the Country and afar.