What I bought from Burton.

Yesterday, me, my mum, my nan and her sister all went on a shopping trip to Burton which as a nice change from Derby town centre. Burton isn't a big city but it has a nice variety of shops and places to eat for a nice day out. Although the weather was all over the … Continue reading What I bought from Burton.

My Birthday Presents!

I've been DYING to show you guys all of the most amazing, random and pretty things I got for my birthday so here I am. You might turn your nose up at a few presents and think 'what on Earth?!' but I loved everything and it just shows how well my family and friends know … Continue reading My Birthday Presents!

My Latest Buys!

Although the past few weeks have been crazily hectic with coursework, birthdays and university, I've still found time to go shopping. Well, I've only bought things to feel better about myself with money I don't have but HEY! I'm excited to show you lovely lot what I've bought. First things first, of course I bought … Continue reading My Latest Buys!