Whitemoor – Pause and Effect Review

So I didn’t think I was getting anywhere with this writing thing until the Lovelies from Whitemoor personally emailed me and asked me to review their upcoming album! Exciting stuff, well for me anyway! So I thought I’d give it a go… Whitemoor are a UK band based here in Derby and they're set to … Continue reading Whitemoor – Pause and Effect Review

Lucille: The Sound of Lucille – EP Review

After reviewing Lucille's latest track, Losin' My Mind, they came back to me for more and wanted me to review their whole EP. Not bad eh? Well after a good few listen throughs I have come to a stern conclusion. These guys are freakin' talented! This seven track wonder got me groovin' like never before! Ok that … Continue reading Lucille: The Sound of Lucille – EP Review