Decorating Our House For Christmas

I bet you're wondering why you're seeing this post in the middle of November? Well... we decorated our house early for Christmas. Yes, sad I know but were just SO EXCITED! I've not completely finished perfecting everything just yet as we need more tinsel to put over the mirror and photo frames. I also want … Continue reading Decorating Our House For Christmas

The Blogger’s Christmas Calendar Swap

You're probably wondering what on earth this post is on about. Well, let me explain... Jess from An Ounce Of Grace and myself have decided to set up a swap where blogger's can create their own advent calendar to send to another blogger and receive one in return. We decided to come up with this … Continue reading The Blogger’s Christmas Calendar Swap

Humble Homewares

Since moving into our new house about two weeks ago, I have gone homewares mad! I'm trying to make the house look all vintagey and cute but also stylish and sophisticated. I love all things cheap and quite a lot of these buys have been amazingly small in price! First off are my make up … Continue reading Humble Homewares